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TWN Technology

Our group of companies was created with the purpose of finding and implementing innovation technologies in different industries. It means that we concentrate on finding and marketing technologies that are truly innovative.

We aim to search for high-technology companies that have modern and innovative products. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions for welding, robotics, quality control and testing industries.

Our partners are companies such as GE, Sentinel.

Our activities

We are proud that we are constantly thinking outside the box and finding solutions for safety, non-destructive testing, diagnostics, welding and cutting; we also implement those solutions quickly and effectively.

Our company was created to provide our clients with the best innovations and newest technologies.

Our specialists have over 25 years of experience in the areas of non-destructive testing, industrial diagnostics and welding technologies. Our specialists have European training certificates and had training in Germany, USA, UK, Israel and other countries.

We are constantly involved in self-developing, this is our rule. We offer best innovative solutions. Currently, TWN technology is offering a wide variety of products for different technologies.

Below you can see our company’s main areas of activity

  • Oil & Gas industry
  • Aviation & space
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Shipbuilding
  • Construction
  • Power generation
  • Foundries
  • Military
  • Safety
  • Education

Our strategic goal

Our strategic goal is to ensure that innovative solutions in the field of non-destructive testing, material testing, welding technology, as well as quality service providers that meet industry standarts, are accessible to everyone.

An integrated approach to TWN, certification, consulting, trade, training and other specialized services that contribute to the development of a client's business.

Our quality policy

At TWN, we provide world-class services to our customers. Our competitive advantage is in the continuous improvement of the quality management system, improving the level of services.



Our mission: innovative solutions are available to all


We will be excited to collaborate with you.



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